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Read and Download Jimi Sheryl ''Purple Lady'' Bufkin book HEAVEN, The After Party in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book THEAVEN, The After Party. This book was released on 2010-08-24 with total page 161 pages. Book excerpt: Jimi Sheryl Bufkin, born Jimmie Shirl Harrison, in Fort Worth, Texas, has been writing poetry since the third grade. Jimi has resided in the Reno/Sparks, Nevada, area for over forty-six years. She is the mother of two daughters and three grandsons. Jimi’s poetry writing started with letters to God. She never shared her poetry with others until Connie Davis-Myles, a friend, let her read “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou. She was so inspired that she compiled a collection of her works and decided to publish her own book by the age of thirty. At age sixty-two, she has now self-published her sixth book. Jimi’s love affair with words and the color purple has made her one of Reno’s recognizable poets. She has recited in schools in Washoe County, the Veteran’s Hospital in Reno, the University of Nevada-Reno, as well as for private banquets and organizations. She has also taught poetry workshops. She writes about homelessness, love not found, loneliness, and love for her fellow human beings. She hopes to leave a legacy with her poetry. She donates a copy of her publications to local libraries; she wants everyone to be able to savor the message in her work. She writes on a regular basis. She feels it is an outlet for stress. Her way of giving back something to the world is devoting her life to the future, our young people. One of the highlights of her life was opening for Maya Angelou in 1994 at Lawlor Events Center in Reno, Nevada, for a crowd of over thirty-two hundred people.

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Read and Download Anton DiSclafani book The After Party in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe After Party. This book was released on 2016-05-17 with total page 384 pages. Book excerpt: "A vintage version of 'Gossip Girl' meets bigger hair." —The Skimm "DiSclafani’s story sparkles like the jumbo diamonds her characters wear to one-up each other. Historical fiction lovers will linger over every lush detail." —People From the bestselling author of The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls comes a story of lifelong female friendship – in all its intimate agony and joy – set within a world of wealth, beauty, and expectation. Joan Fortier is the epitome of Texas glamour and the center of the 1950s Houston social scene. Tall, blonde, beautiful, and strong, she dominates the room and the gossip columns. Every man wants her; every woman wants to be her. Devoted to Joan since childhood, Cece Buchanan is either her chaperone or her partner in crime, depending on whom you ask. But when Joan’s radical behavior escalates the summer they are twenty-five, Cece considers it her responsibility to bring her back to the fold, ultimately forcing one provocative choice to appear the only one there is. A thrilling glimpse into the sphere of the rich and beautiful at a memorable moment in history, The After Party unfurls a story of friendship as obsessive, euphoric, consuming, and complicated as any romance.

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Read and Download Jana Prikryl book The After Party in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe After Party. This book was released on 2016-06-21 with total page 112 pages. Book excerpt: "A truly moving book." —John Ashbery Jana Prikryl’s The After Party journeys across borders and eras, from cold war Central Europe to present-day New York City, from ancient Rome to New World suburbs, constantly testing the lingua francas we negotiate to know ourselves. These poems disclose the tensions in our inherited identities and showcase Prikryl’s ambitious experimentation with style. “Thirty Thousand Islands,” the second half of the collection, presents some forty linked poems that incorporate numerous voices. Rooted in one place that fragments into many places—the remote shores of Lake Huron in Canada, a region with no natural resources aside from its beauty—these poems are an elegy that speaks beyond grief. Penetrating, vital, and visionary, The After Party marks the arrival of an extraordinary new talent.

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Read and Download Kassim Carney book Backstage to Millions in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TBackstage to Millions. This book was released on 2009-11 with total page 64 pages. Book excerpt: You can make as much as you choose in the concert business. The concert business can be enjoyable as well as an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to meet your favorite artist and hang out with your music idol is not just something you can dream about, but much more obtainable than you think. Imagine hearing your favorite song that you heard on the radio or recently witnessed the latest music video on MTV or BET -- you can get that hot artist and make the money you want to make!

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Read and Download Sister Souljah book Life After Death in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TLife After Death. This book was released on 2021-03-02 with total page 352 pages. Book excerpt: Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller Instant USA TODAY Bestseller The long-anticipated sequel to Sister Souljah’s million copy New York Times bestseller The Coldest Winter Ever. Winter Santiaga hit time served. Still stunning, still pretty, still bold, still loves her father more than any man in the world, still got her hustle and high fashion flow. She’s eager to pay back her enemies, rebuild her father’s empire, reset his crown, and ultimately to snatch Midnight back into her life no matter which bitch had him while she was locked up. But Winter is not the only one with revenge on her mind. Simone, Winter’s young business partner and friend, is locked and loaded and Winter is her target. Will she blow Winter’s head off? Can Winter dodge the bullets? Or will at least one bullet blast Winter into another world? Either way Winter is fearless. Hell is the same as any hood and certainly the Brooklyn hood she grew up in. That’s what Winter thinks. A heartwarming, heart-burning, passionate, sexual, comical, and completely original adventure is about to happen in real time—raw, shocking, soulful, and shameless. True fans won’t let Winter travel alone on this amazing journey.

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Read and Download Smarak Swain book The Hawala Agent in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Hawala Agent. This book was released on 2021-12-13 with total page 208 pages. Book excerpt: Digyen Burmah is a forensic auditor and corporate spy. An old friend needs his help in finding his wife and co-worker, who mysteriously vanished during an official tour. Apparently, the company is also frantically trying to find his elusive wife. Burmah investigates the company and unearths shady deals in tax havens, transactions with hawala agents, cash payments to influence Indian elections and many more shocking details. Did his friend’s wife know too much? Or was she a conduit in the hawala channel used to transport money across borders? Whose money is it? What agenda is the company pursuing in the garb of developing software? Based on true stories from income tax raids, The Hawala Agent brings to fore how hawala is used to launder money and finance extremism.

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Read and Download Kate Theimer book Outreach in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TOutreach. This book was released on 2014-05-22 with total page 198 pages. Book excerpt: Outreach: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections explores how archives of different sizes and types are reaching out to new potential users and increasing awareness of programs and collections. The book features twelve case studies that demonstrate ideas that can be transferred into many other settings. Some of the practices described in the case studies rely primarily on technology and the Web to interact with the public, while others are centered on face-to-face activities. This volume will be useful to those working in archives and special collections as well as other cultural heritage organizations, and provides ideas ranging from those that require long-term planning and coordination to those that could be immediately implemented. It also provides students and educators in archives, library, and public history graduate programs a resource for understanding the variety of ways people conduct outreach in the field today and the kinds of strategies archivists are using to attract new users to collections.

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Read and Download Sharon Murphy book Celebrate Life! in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TCelebrate Life!. This book was released on 1994-06-01 with total page 179 pages. Book excerpt: A compilation of ideas and comments from parents, school personnel, community members, and graduates of high school who have planned and implemented All Night Alcohol/Drug-Free Prom and Graduation Celebrations. Presents samples of projects undertaken by high school communities in their efforts to provide safe, fun-filled, party environments that appeal to students. Illustrated.

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Read and Download William R. Looney book Exceeding Expectations in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TExceeding Expectations. This book was released on 2009 with total page 173 pages. Book excerpt: In an increasingly dynamic and competitive world, organizations of all kinds are continually looking for leaders who can most effectively inspire others to improve productivity and performance. Yet, meeting goals and objectives is no longer enough. Leaders who exceed expectations will be in the best position to emerge as the superstars of their generation. General Looney reflects upon his most formidable experiences during a 40-year career and articulates his leadership philosophy, which is built around a very simple notion -- the greatest leaders are those who not only "exceed expectations," but also inspire others to do the same. Reviews Over the years, I've learned that people at every level of experience and responsibility learn about leadership best from stories which resonate with their own lives. Through a variety of stories, Bill Looney has captured the importance leaders play in creating the right environment to allow organizations to exceed expectations. His reflections on leadership provide a wealth of lessons learned. Well done! Richard B. Myers, Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Whether you are leading military forces or a corporate entity, success is all about exceeding expectations. Bill Looney has it right, and his leadership approach works--I use it in my company! This is a must read for all leaders and those who aspire to leadership positions. Andrew C. Taylor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Rent-A-Car There is a dire need for effective leadership in American enterprise today and General Bill Looney's book offers an excellent how-to perspective. As you read it, ask yourself, "How can I apply these common sense techniques to exceed expectations?" Believe me, they will work for you! Bob Gaylor, 5th Chief Master Sergeant of the US Air Force About the Author General Bill Looney retired from the United States Air Force as a general having served on active-duty for forty years. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1966 where was the Cadet Wing Commander and continued to exceed expectations from that point forward. General Looney eventually commanded more organizations than any other Air Force general officer in history with each organization he led achieving demonstrable higher levels of performance and productivity. He is a highly-decorated officer with over 4,200 flying hours. He and his wife, Marilyn, have two daughters, two son-in-laws (both Air Force officers and pilots) and two grandchildren.

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ISBN 13: 9781440162350
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Read and Download Mathell Givens book Angels in My Life in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TAngels in My Life. This book was released on 2010-04 with total page 280 pages. Book excerpt: From the moment Mathell Givens was born in 1952 in Illinois, God began sending angels. In this heartfelt autobiography, Givens narrates her life story and describes the angels who rescued her during her times of need. Beginning at birth, Givens' path was not an easy one, but she credits both her faith in God and the angels in her life for her blessed existence today. In Angels in My Life, Givens details the many painful hurdles she's overcome—from being preyed upon by a pedophile as a young girl, to experiencing a teen pregnancy, dealing with an unfaithful spouse, raising three boys as a single mother, and coping with an array of health problems. But through all of her trials and tests, Givens has remained steadfast and true in her devotion to God. A personal testament to God's saving grace, Angels in My Life tells an inspirational story of faith and love.

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Read and Download Elias Jahshan book Star Observer Magazine February 2015 in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TStar Observer Magazine February 2015. This book was released on 2015-01-14 with total page 56 pages. Book excerpt:

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ISBN 13: 1005507287
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Read and Download L.L. Hunter book Written in the Stars Series Collection in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TWritten in the Stars Series Collection. This book was released on 2021-08-31 with total page 400 pages. Book excerpt: Freelance writer Chloe Vanderbilt never imagined her life would become a story. As a Hollywood gossip columnist for one of Australia’s biggest entertainment websites, she’d always written about the lives of those far more glamourous than herself. This boxed set collection includes books 1 - 5 in the Written in the Stars series, plus the two short stories, A Touch of Sparkle and One Year in Hollywood.

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ISBN 13: 1135960917
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Read and Download Amy L. Best book Prom Night in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TProm Night. This book was released on 2013-05-13 with total page 240 pages. Book excerpt: Best shows us that, while the prom is often trivialized, most kids take the prom seriously. The prom is a space where kids work through their understanding of authority, social class, gender norms, and multicultural schooling. Proms are more than just pictures and puffed sleeves--they are a mythic part of youth culture and, for better or worse, will always be a night to remember.

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Publisher : FT Press
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ISBN 13: 0134031075
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Read and Download Diaz Nesamoney book Personalized Digital Advertising in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TPersonalized Digital Advertising. This book was released on 2015-03-31 with total page 240 pages. Book excerpt: This is the first plain-English, 100% practical guide to supercharged digital advertising personalization: what's here, what's next, and how to make the most of it! Digital advertising and marketing are undergoing a massive, data-driven transformation: practically everything you thought you knew about them is obsolete. In Personalized Digital Advertising: How Data and Technology Are Transforming How We Market, pioneering entrepreneur Diaz Nesamoney demystifies the newest technologies, showing non-technical marketers how to use them to precisely target every message to every individual. First, Nesamoney explores the current state of digital advertising, reviewing best practices for maximizing personalization through long-familiar data and targeting technologies. Next, he introduces powerful recent innovations, presenting new best practices for deepening and extending personalization with: New data management platforms Advanced solutions for offline, mobile, and location data Powerful new ad production and serving technologies Nesamoney then previews emerging disruptive technologies and personalization approaches, from social data to new techniques for anticipating user intent. He concludes by introducing the Digital Advertising Technology Stack: a visual schematic showing how multiple products and technologies come together to radically improve advertising personalization and performance. Personalized Digital Advertising will be an indispensable resource for wide audiences of CMOs and marketing professionals, brand managers, media and creative directors, creative team members, and all students of digital advertising and marketing.

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Publisher : Lulu Press, Inc
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ISBN 13: 1329606914
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Read and Download Malacalypse the Enabler book The Supreme Gentleman: The Twisted World of Elliot Rodgers in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Supreme Gentleman: The Twisted World of Elliot Rodgers. This book was released on 2015-10-10 with total page 252 pages. Book excerpt: A tribute to Elliot "The Supreme Gentleman" Rodgers, a POPE of Discordia and a victim of feminism. This is his story along with the revealed meanings of what he was planning to do and why it was so amazing. These words that The Supreme Gentleman wrote are forever a Holy Manuscript of The Church of Discordia and Anti-Feminists everywhere. His goal in his auto-biography was for those of his religious order to further project his legacy into the world by ending feminism by the year 3030CE. Taking note that in the latter parts of his wholly remarkable work his designs for the future. This is an effort to make more sexuality ignorant persons aware of a greater future accomplished by the elimination of all feminism and a mental change over described by Rodgers and "Laws of the Five Catmas of Sexual Equality". We (Discordians) believe this work marks the beginning of the completion of what Elliot "The Supreme Gentleman" Rodgers K.S.C. started and henceforth shall continue until the great "Day of Manhood" arrives.

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Publisher : Beaufort Books
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ISBN 13: 0825307023
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Read and Download Lea Black book Red Carpets & White Lies in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TRed Carpets & White Lies. This book was released on 2015-04-21 with total page pages. Book excerpt: In a city known for its never-ending parties, Miami socialite Leigh Anatole White hosts the most extravagant party of them all. Her annual Charity Ball, a star-studded benefit for troubled teens, is the most highly anticipated event of the season, and Leigh pulls out all the stops to ensure it doesn’t disappoint. This year—the tenth anniversary of the Ball—Leigh has decided to give Miami one last blowout before relinquishing her title as hostess. Suffice it to say, the pressure is on: this year’s Charity Ball simply must be the best yet. With help from her committee, a few close friends, a masterful personal assistant and her supportive husband, Leigh is poised to deliver. Even the dirty secrets and entanglements of her friends and pseudo-friends—the good-hearted, hard-drinking gossip queen Dixie Johnson; drag queen extraordinaire Diva Elaine Manchester; and bronzed, botoxed and backstabbing Katie Parker, to name a few—can’t slow her down. When an influential art dealer shows up, offering to provide high-end artwork for the Charity Ball’s auction, Leigh is thrilled. This is just what the gala needs to set it apart from previous years’, and after all of Leigh’s hard work, it looks as though the last Charity Ball may just live up to the hype. But as always in the world of Miami’s rich and shameless, a scandal is never far off...and this one hits everyone close to home.

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Author :
Publisher : McFarland
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ISBN 13: 0786467002
Total Pages : 225 pages
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Read and Download Ann Anderson book High School Prom in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book THigh School Prom. This book was released on 2012-08-15 with total page 225 pages. Book excerpt: The prom has been a fixture in the life of American teenagers for as long as high schools have existed. Both encapsulating and magnifying the drama of adolescence, proms have been transformed from modest tea dances to costly extravaganzas supporting apparel and cosmetic makers, limousine services, hotels, magazine publishers, and hair salons. Focusing on social and economic trends, this volume examines the evolution of the prom, the development of the billion-dollar prom industry, and the event's place in popular culture, including its portrayal in film, television, and literature. Using the prom as a lens through which to view many aspects of American culture--money, sex, fashion, dance, music, television, transportation, communication, and even war--this work offers a fresh perspective on the history of American youth. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.