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Read and Download Gabriele Brandstetter book Poetics of Dance in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TPoetics of Dance. This book was released on 2015 with total page 457 pages. Book excerpt: 'Poetics of Dance' looks at dance at the beginnings of the 20th century, the time during which modern dance first began to make its radical departure from the aesthetics of classical ballet. Author Gabriele Brandstetter traces modern dance's connection to new innovations and trends in visual and literary arts to argue that modern dance is in fact the preeminent symbol of modernity.

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Read and Download A. P. David book The Dance of the Muses in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Dance of the Muses. This book was released on 2006-09-28 with total page 297 pages. Book excerpt: Publisher description

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Read and Download Laurence Louppe book Poetics of Contemporary Dance in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TPoetics of Contemporary Dance. This book was released on 2010 with total page 285 pages. Book excerpt: "Drawing on the whole practical and theoretical heritage of modern dance and its pre-cursors and including discussion of works up to and including the 1980s, Louppe reviews the main 'tools' of contemporary dance creation and thought: the body, weight, space, time, flow, breath, style and composition. She also weaves through her analysis a vision of the broader historical and philosophical concerns and challenges specific to this art and its defining values. Rather than taking an objective, cognitive approach to her role as observer and critic, Louppe writes from an intimate place of attention to all of the contemporary dancer's resources and practices: from the 'pre-movement' when stylistic values are born invisibly in bodies, to the moment and location of performance and the encounter with a public."--Publisher.

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Read and Download Celeste Nazeli Snowber book Dance, Place, and Poetics in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TDance, Place, and Poetics. This book was released on 2022-11-25 with total page 130 pages. Book excerpt: This book explores the relationship between the body, ecology, place, and site-specific performance. The book is situated within arts-based research, particularly within embodied inquiry and poetic inquiry. It explores a theoretical foundation for integration of these areas, primarily to share the lived experiences, poetry and dance which have come out of decades of sharing site-specific performances.

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Read and Download Sabas Hernan Flores Whittaker book Poetic Dance Across the World in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TPoetic Dance Across the World. This book was released on 2019-03-30 with total page 336 pages. Book excerpt: This is a collection of spiritually uplifting and sometimes life-wrenching realities within romantic poems, sermons, prayers, prose, and essays that are all crafted and carefully designed to uplift your soul.

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Read and Download Beverly J. Raffaele book Life's Poetic Dance in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TLife's Poetic Dance. This book was released on 2009-01-18 with total page 139 pages. Book excerpt: A Journal presenting the poetry of Beverly J. Raffaele...Be inspired by the words of this eclectic collection of poetry. Each verse is about the dance of life. Then at the back of the book is the "Journal" for you to pen your thoughts.

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Read and Download Seeta Chaganti book Strange Footing in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TStrange Footing. This book was released on 2018-05-30 with total page 304 pages. Book excerpt: For premodern audiences, poetic form did not exist solely as meter, stanzas, or rhyme scheme. Rather, the form of a poem emerged as an experience, one generated when an audience immersed in a culture of dance encountered a poetic text. Exploring the complex relationship between medieval dance and medieval poetry, Strange Footing argues that the intersection of texts and dance produced an experience of poetic form based in disorientation, asymmetry, and even misstep. Medieval dance guided audiences to approach poetry not in terms of the body’s regular marking of time and space, but rather in the irregular and surprising forces of virtual motion around, ahead of, and behind the dancing body. Reading medieval poems through artworks, paintings, and sculptures depicting dance, Seeta Chaganti illuminates texts that have long eluded our full understanding, inviting us to inhabit their strange footings askew of conventional space and time. Strange Footing deploys the motion of dance to change how we read medieval poetry, generating a new theory of poetic form for medieval studies and beyond.

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Read and Download Felicia M. McCarren book Dance Pathologies in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TDance Pathologies. This book was released on 1998 with total page 292 pages. Book excerpt: A history of dance’s pathologization may startle readers who find in dance performance grace, discipline, geometry, poetry, and the body’s transcendence of itself. Exploring dance’s historical links to the medical and scientific connotations of a “pathology,” this book asks what has subtended the idealization of dance in the West. It investigates the nineteenth-century response, in the intersections of dance, literature, and medicine, to the complex and long-standing connections between illness, madness, poetry, and performance. In the nineteenth century, medicine becomes a major cultural index to measure the body’s meanings. As a particularly performative form of madness, nineteenth-century hysteria preserved the traditional connection to dance in medical descriptions of “choreas.” In its withholding of speech and its use of body code, dance, like hysteria, functions as a form of symptomatic expression. Yet by working like a symptom, dance performance can also be read as a commentary on symptomatology and as a condition of possibility for such alternative approaches to mental illness as psychoanalysis. By redeeming as art what is “lost” in hysteria, dance expresses non-hysterically what only hysteria had been able to express: the somatic translation of idea, the physicalization of meaning. Medicine’s discovery of “idea” manifesting itself in the body in mental illness strikingly parallels a literary fascination with the ability of nineteenth-century dance to manifest “idea,” suggesting that the evolution of medical thinking about mind-body relations as they malfunction in madness, as well as changes in the cultural reception of danced representations of these relations, might be paradigmatic shifts caused by the same cultural factors: concern about the body as a site of meaning and about vision as a theater of knowledge.


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Read and Download Michael P. Murphy book "this need to dance / this need to kneel" in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book T"this need to dance / this need to kneel". This book was released on 2019-09-17 with total page 242 pages. Book excerpt: That Denise Levertov (1923–97) was one of the most pioneering and skilled poets of her generation is beyond dispute. Her masterly use of language, innovative experimentations with organic form, and the political acuity disclosed by her activist poetry are well marked by critical communities. But it is also quite clear that the poems Levertov wrote in the last twenty years of her life, with their more explicit focus on theological themes and subjects, are among the best poems written on religious experience of any century, let alone the twentieth. The collection of essays gathered here shed vital light on this neglected aspect of Levertov studies so as to expand and enrich the scope of critical engagement. In a mixture of theoretical considerations and close readings, these essays provide valuable reflections about the complex relationship between poetry and belief and offer philosophically robust insights into different styles of poetic imagination. The abiding hope is to broaden the terrain for discussions in twenty-first-century theology, literary theory, poetics, and aesthetics—honoring immanence, exploring transcendence, and dwelling with integrity within the spaces between.

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Read and Download Ann Cooper Albright book Engaging Bodies in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TEngaging Bodies. This book was released on 2013-11-20 with total page 408 pages. Book excerpt: Winner of the Selma Jeanne Cohen Prize in Dance Aesthetics (2014) For twenty-five years, Ann Cooper Albright has been exploring the intersection of cultural representation and somatic identity in dance. For Albright, dancing is a physical inquiry, a way of experiencing and participating in the world, and her writing reflects an interdisciplinary approach to seeing and thinking about dance. In her engagement as both a dancer and a scholar, Albright draws on her kinesthetic sensibilities as well as her intellectual knowledge to articulate how movement creates meaning. Throughout Engaging Bodies movement and ideas lean on one another to produce a critical theory anchored in the material reality of dancing bodies. This blend of cultural theory and personal circumstance will be useful and inspiring for emerging scholars and dancers looking for a model of writing about dance that thrives on the interconnectedness of watching and doing, gesture and thought.

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Read and Download Gregory L. Scott book Aristotle on Dramatic Musical Composition in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TAristotle on Dramatic Musical Composition. This book was released on 2018-08-16 with total page 300 pages. Book excerpt: This book revolutionizes the 1000-year old tradition that stems from the first commentaries on the Poetics by the Arabic scholars. (No commentary exists from antiquity or Byzantine times.) Starting with those scholars, Aristotle's treatise has always been thought to be about poetic-literary theory, with tragedy being its paradigm. Scott demonstrates, however, that Aristotle (c. 384-322 BCE) employs poiesis not in the way universally assumed until now, as "poetry," which the sophist Gorgias only coined in 415 BCE. Rather, Aristotle follows Diotima, who in the Symposium of Plato (c. 424-347) explains poiesis as mousike kai metra (typically "'music' and verses"). One reason Aristotle employs the Diotiman and not the Gorgian sense of poiesis is that not one poem exists in the so-called "Poetics"; another reason is that the definition of tragedy includes "music." Scott subsequently demonstrates that Aristotle considers tragedy not to be a species of literature but one of dramatic musical theater that also requires dance and spectacle. Chapter 2 includes a revised version of Scott's "The Poetics of Performance" (Cambridge University Press, 1999). The book also supplements his arguments of "Purging the Poetics" (Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 2003), reprinted here as Chapter 5, providing the additional reasons why Aristotle could not have written the clause with the words catharsis, pity, and fear in the definition of tragedy, as a number of internationally known ancient Greek specialists have already been accepting. As part of his reasons, Scott shows that, despite their recent, very admirable paleography, Leonardo Tarán and Dmitri Gutas too often mangle the philosophical interpretations and even some of the philology regarding the "musical" terms, especially when they try to sweep the problems of catharsis under the rug. Also, Tarán and Gutas never even recognize the Diotiman sense of poiesis that Aristotle uses, nor do they recognize the philosophical contradictions with keeping the katharsis-clause. All of this allows a fresh and better reading of the treatise that even with its fundamental misinterpretations has been a major part of the foundation of Western literary, dramatic and artistic theory. UPDATES & ERRATA: Contents Volume 1 includes: Plato's meanings of poiesis as "music-dance and verse" and his use of rhuthmos often not as "rhythm" but "dance"; the importance of dance in the state for Plato; Aristotle's agreement with his mentor on the meaning of the musical terms and the requirement of dance not only in the Poetics but in the Politics, along with the proof that Aristotle considers tragedy to be a species of dramatic "musical" art, not literature. 364 pages. List: Hardcover $68; Softcover $48. Volume 1 is available at Volume 2 (this book) includes the issues of catharsis, pity, and fear, and a complete rebuttal of the only attempted rigorous reply (by Stephen Halliwell in Between Ecstasy and Truth, 2011) to "Purging the Poetics." This volume also contains: Aristotle's response to Plato without catharsis; comedy; whether or not the principles of "musical" dramatic theater can be applied to art forms like literature and cinema; the history of the Poetics with regards to the two fundamental misconceptions; Bibliography; and Index for both volumes.

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Read and Download Tilden Russell book Theory and Practice in Eighteenth-Century Dance in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TTheory and Practice in Eighteenth-Century Dance. This book was released on 2017-11-10 with total page 251 pages. Book excerpt: During the first two decades of the eighteenth century, two evolving dance-historical realms intersected—theory and practice. While the French produced works on notation, choreography, and repertoire, German dance writers responded with an important body of work on dance theory. This book examines the reception of French dance in Germany.

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Read and Download José Eduardo Limón book Dancing with the Devil in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TDancing with the Devil. This book was released on 1994 with total page 282 pages. Book excerpt: An extended ethnographic essay that explores the socially produced, narratively mediated, and relatively unconscious ideological responses of people--scholars and folk--to a history of race and class domination, with specific reference to several distinct though inter- related spheres of folkloric symbolic action concerning the working classes of Mexican-American south Texas. Paper edition (unseen), $15.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Read and Download Jaya Mehta book The Poetic Saree in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Poetic Saree. This book was released on 2018-05-07 with total page 54 pages. Book excerpt: When dance is called poetry of the body, we see words becoming dance in Jaya's poetry.' Leo Spreksel, artistic director, Korzo, Netherlands 'In these poems, the colours, images, elements, rhythm and the fl ow of nature, the spins, swirls and ecstatic movements of the dancer become the poem, in which the meaning is dance itself.' H S Shivaprakash, Kannada poet and playwright 'These poems will inspire everyone to listen to themselves and to the world around them.' Sayantani Dasgupta, author Art becomes life seasons the stage trees and flowers conspire till every art mingles, to lose itself, in the heart of the human. Just like the silk saree that evokes jewel-like emotions within its wearer, Jaya Mehta brings a rich and sumptuous feel to poetry in the Poetic Saree. The poems in this collection explore the moods and themes of Indian art, the delights of nature and the landscape of the heart. Performed at the India Dance Festival in Netherlands, published by the Levure Litteraire, and filmed as videos in the 'Poetic Saree project', these poems have already leapt off the written page.

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Read and Download William H. Durham book Annual Review of Anthropology in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TAnnual Review of Anthropology. This book was released on 1998-10 with total page 618 pages. Book excerpt:

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Read and Download Marjorie Perloff book The Dance of the Intellect in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TThe Dance of the Intellect. This book was released on 1996 with total page 260 pages. Book excerpt: Must poetic form be, as Yeats demanded, "full, sphere-like, single", or can it accommodate the "impurities" Yeats and his Modernist generation found so problematic? Sixty years later, these are still open questions, questions to which Marjorie Perloff addresses herself in the essays collected here. The first group of essays deals with Pound's own poetics as that poetics related to two of his great contemporaries, Stevens and Joyce, as well as to the visual arts of his day. The second group deals with the more technical aspects of verse and prose. In the last four essays, Perloff takes up broader issues, including the current pessimism about the state of poetry, and the work of experimental poets and conceptual poets.

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Read and Download Lady Lilly Grove Frazer book Dancing in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book TDancing. This book was released on 1895 with total page 602 pages. Book excerpt: